Hi, my name is Kit Boschert. I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in Naarm (Melbourne). I recently graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design).
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An Ontological Encyclopaedia Concerning the Knowledge and Inspiration Informing My Most Recent Work

There’s a tendency within design fields to be secretive around what influenced your work. The reasons for this are likely many, none of which this book shares. As Anthony Huberman explores in Naïve Set Theory there are numerous ways to create curiosity around your work, almost all of which play a game on the audience. This book is true—everything is contained. The curiosity here is in trying to understand the connections made by another.  


Jun 2019
Publication Design

Produced for the Making Pages - Contemporary Books and Weird Publishing studio at RMIT
Tutor: Stuart Geddes


An evolution of the concepts explored in An Ontological Encyclopaedia transposed and scaled infinitely. Project_Projection explores our ever expanding knowledge and defines the liminal space between concepts within human society through visual linkages.


View progress of P_P at development diary.
Jan 2020–Ongoing

Information Design

Personal Project

Blade Runner Title Sequence

An homage to the iconic Esper photo analysis scene from Blade Runner (1982) these title cards present the actors and key creators in a sequence that is aesthetically and tonally cohesive with Ridley Scott’s original film.

Apr 2019
Motion Graphics

Workshop: Motion Graphics (RMIT)


Reflecting semi-circle‘s design process, the visual identity necessitated a pared-back, minimal solution. The application of the logo across a diverse range of products and mediums required that it be inherently versatile. Accordingly, the logo takes on two forms to accommodate the ranging specifications of semi-circle’s products.

Identity design

Client: semi-circle

Good Company

Good Company is a cafe located at Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsula. The identity and website were designed to reflect the slow days spent on the sun-soaked Australian coast. The direction is intentionally easy-going and simple.

Web-development, Identity design

Client: Good Company

Everybody’s Business

Everybody’s Business is a platform that asks businesses—regardless of size or involvement—to take a stand on political and social issues. Providing transparency for consumers and increasing pressure on the government to reconsider their policy positions. Everybody’s Business is built on the belief that privatisation and deregulation should be accompanied by increased corporate social responsibility.

MAY 2018
Social Design, UI/UX

Produced for the Free Form studio at RMIT
Tutor: Dan Younger


Spontaneity was designed as a solution to the epidemic of loneliness, which is more present than ever, despite increased connectedness. Spontaneity aims to overcome the obstacles between you and those who matter most.

Oct 2018–Ongoing
UI/ UX, Ad Campaign

Produced for the What? A Bloody Waste! studio at RMIT
Tutor: Leigh Whetter