Hi, my name is Kit Boschert. I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in Naarm (Melbourne). I recently graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design).
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Everybody’s Business

May 2018.  Revisited Oct 2019
Produced for the Free Form studio at RMIT
Tutor: Dan Younger

Social Design, UI/UX Design, Infographics

Xd, Ai, Ps
Everybody’s Business is a platform that asks businesses—regardless of size or involvement—to take a stand on political and social issues. Providing transparency for consumers and increasing pressure on the government to reconsider their policy positions. Fundamental design decisions, such as featuring both supportive and unsupportive businesses (greyed out logos) differentiates the platform and provides the movement with visible opposition to fight against. Everybody’s Business is built on the belief that privatisation and deregulation should be accompanied by increased corporate social responsibility.
        Originally designed as a means to scrutinise the governments offshore detention policy, the platform has been expanded to the climate crisis and is scalable to numerous issues.

* Significant time was dedicated to researching the positions of businesses, politicians, and states relating to particular issues. Positions shown are informed by public announcements and may be out of date.