Hi, my name is Kit Boschert. I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in Naarm (Melbourne). I recently graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design).
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Blade Runner Title Sequence

April 2019
Workshop: Motion Design (RMIT)

Duration: 0:01:28:11

Kenji Kawai
Ghost in the Shell (1995) OST

Motion Design
Ae, Ps, Ai, Pr

An homage to the iconic Esper photo analysis scene from Blade Runner (1982) these title cards present the actors and key creators in a sequence that is aesthetically and tonally cohesive with Ridley Scott’s original film.
        Filmed in Chinatown, Melbourne, the sequence builds upon the cultural diversity synonymous with the cyberpunk genre. Shafts of light generated by neon signage hark back to Ridley Scott and Jordan Cronenweth’s use of light in the original film.
        The typography and colour used to introduce the key creators are directly informed by the existing signage, helping to establish authenticity and diversity.
        The composition playing throughout the title sequence is ‘Nightstalker’ by Kenji Kawai from Ghost in the Shell (1995). This meditative composition assists greatly in establishing atmosphere and immersing the viewer.