Hi, my name is Kit Boschert. I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in Naarm (Melbourne). I recently graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design).
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Good Company

Client: goodcompany.cafe

Web development, Identity 
Good Company is a cafe located at Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsula. The identity and website were designed to reflect the slow days spent on the sun-soaked Australian coast. The direction is intentionally easy-going and simple.

I developed the website to be as simple as possible. The website is stripped of all the excess imagery and superfluous information. This is a website for a beachside cafe—in an old fish and chip shop after all.
To keep ongoing costs minimal, I opted to code the website myself. The website consists of a few links, An ability to view the menu, reserve a table, email the business and view the cafe's Instagram.

The initial website design was conceptualised with an animated logo. In future, the logo will be substituted for an animated version, with a Ring a Ring o’ Rosie type movement.
* WIP, unoptimised for mobile (22.01.23)

Good Company Logo
Good Company Logo
My contribution to the logo and merch design was focused more so on the technical aspects of the design process.

Throughout the logo design process, my contribution included assisting in the vectorisation process and cleaning up certain aspects of the final vector. Additionally, providing feedback on the readability of the logo, e.g. the line-work surrounding the face as well as line-weight suitability for various applications.

Summer sun character
The sun logo was designed as a character to be used for a summer series of merchandise. My contribution again consisted of taking the raster sketch and creating a finalised vector design. The initial sun design was transformed into a bit-map image before being transferred over to Illustrator. Using a grid which aligned to the bitmap effect, the sun illustration could efficiently be converted to a vectorised image. The noise texture provides greater character through a sense of warmth and dynamism.

* Direction and overall design concepts are not my own, they were designed by Jack Boschert.